Last update: 12/15/14


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It's a BAT, it's a CAT!  It's a... Batmonkey?


Tear through space-time with trippy art and a bombastic soundtrack at near-light speed, teleport instantly, and perform complex, timed maneuvers - using simple, smooth touch-screen controls, each action is dynamic to your whim.  Compete for high scores with other players on five different leaderboards!




* PUZZLE MODE increasingly rends your brain through problem-solving riddled challenges.

* GUANTLET MODE throws an endless tide of destruction your way - hold out for as long as you can.

* FRENZY MODE is a timed challenge that tests your accuracy, speed and cool under pressure.

* FREESTYLE MODE is a nice relaxer from all of the chaos - learn mechanics, practice maneuvers, and just enjoy the visuals and music in a stress-free environment.

* CLASSIC MODE - Batmonkey's ultimate challenge.


So dive into the nether... And blast off with Batmonkey!

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