…and brace yourself for some Giraffic Traffic!!


Join Roni, our giraffe hero, and the mysterious alien, Cobe, as they race and romp through the mean streets of Durham City!  Race against enemies, defend friends, escape corrupt authorities, defeat nefarious forces, and much, much more!

So get ready to be immersed in this first installment of the zany, epic saga that is Giraffic Traffic - with the awesome art of Pixel Pirate Studio along to a killer soundtrack - it's up to you to maneuver the mayhem of Durham City, take down the evil S.T.U.F.F. organization, and meet a whole cast of characters!

Can Roni and Cobe elude the shadowy, tyrannical S.T.U.F.F. organization?


Can they uncover the nature of Cobe's Cosmic Powers??


Can they save the enigmatic entity known as Velocita???


Hit the gas and find out!

- Easy to learn controls

- Beautiful visuals, music, and sound

- Fun, full-length, topsy-turvy storyline

- Compete with other players on five leaderboards

- Nearly 50 levels, each with randomly generated components for a new experience each time

- Dynamic gameplay through ten unique scenarios, each with its own mechanics and objectives

- Accelerating difficulty and enemy AI that's simple to learn but highly challenging to master

- Perform challenging feats to earn bronze, silver, and gold medals

- Unlock and upgrade multiple vehicles


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