FAST-PACED PUZZLE ACTION: Welcome to the Industrial Complex!


          The Supreme Leader needs YOU!! As an assembly line worker at the Industrial Complex, you must inspect the conveyer belts for mismatched items, then drag-and-drop them to their correct column before it's too late... sound simple?  Prepare to be re-educated by the cerebral challenge of a puzzle game with the intensity of a fast-paced arcade game - industrial labor isn't just fun and addicting, but a thorough workout for your brain!


          Industrial Complex is no idle problem-solving as it challenges your hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, short-term memory - and simply not losing your wits under pressure.  Compete with other players on the Leaderboard, sort through dozens of unique items, and listen to an extended soundtrack!


   Industrial Complex:  All the fun of Dystopian Assemble Line Quality Control       - without the risk of suppression or mutiulation!

Last update: 12/15/14

Industrial Complex

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