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The following is the privacy policy for apps produced by Dragon Matter Games LLC:




Dragon Matter Games LLC does NOT collect any of your personal information.  Any information that users of apps produced by Dragon Matter Games LLC are asked to provide is required for the use of features such as Leaderboards and In App Purchases, and any data that is provided maintains the user’s anonymity in regard to Dragon Matter Games LLC.


Users are not required to provide any information for the basic functionality of apps produced by Dragon Matter Games LLC, but certain features will not be available without the user’s provision of login information for authentication with, and/or consent authorized by the user that the app utilize the features in question of, the following third-parties:  On Android, Google Play for Leaderboards and Google Wallet for In App Purchases, and on iOS, Game Center for Leaderboards and iTunes Store for In App Purchases.  


Any login information that users are asked to provide to use these features is submitted directly from the user to the provider of the service, not to Dragon Matter Games LLC.  Dragon Matter Games LLC will NOT collect, look at, or sell your personal information – we don’t have it to begin with.




1: Google Admob – Google, a third-party advertiser, may use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to collect information as a result of ad-serving through Google Admob, and devices with iOS 6 or higher use Apple’s Advertising Identifier to serve targeted ads to users.  Please see Google Admob’s privacy policy for more information, or to find information on how to opt out of Google’s use of cookies or limit ad-targeting on an iOS device, visit the Google ad and content network privacy policy.


2: External Content – Some advertisements which are displayed in apps published by Dragon Matter Games LLC may lead users to external websites.  Dragon Matter Games LLC is not responsible for the content of any external websites.


3: “Remove Ads” In App Purchase – An In App Purchase to “Remove Ads” is available in some apps published by Dragon Matter Games LLC.  It should be clarified that while this purchase prevents any ads from being displayed, it does NOT remove the entire Admob extension from the app.


4: Billing and Payments – For In App Purchases, Dragon Matter Games LLC utilizes Google Wallet for Android and the iTunes Store for iOS.  When a user makes a purchase, the only information that is provided to Dragon Matter Games LLC about the user is a postal code for Google Wallet or Territory for iTunes Store.  All personal information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, are strictly confidential between you, Google or Apple, and/or your mobile company.


5: Refunds – Refunds are only given in the event that a genuine problem is found with the app that cannot be fixed with an update to the user’s device or app itself.  It is the responsibility of the device owner, not Dragon Matter Games LLC, to password protect their device and adjust settings to prevent unauthorized purchases from a family member or other person.


6: Google Play and Game Center – Dragon Matter Games LLC utilizes Google Play for Android and Game Center for iOS, for games’ leaderboards and achievements.  In order to post a score to the online leaderboard, view others’ scores and achievements, and so on, users are prompted to login directly to one of these services.  No login information provided by users to Google Play or Game Center is made available to Dragon Matter Games LLC.


7: Google and Flurry Analytics – Some apps published by Dragon Matter Games LLC utilize Google and/or Flurry Analytics.  Any data that is collected regarding users’ engagement with an app is anonymous and does not include users’ personal information.  Any collected data is for the purpose of finding bugs, learning general user trends, and better understanding how users are engaging with the apps we produce, in order to improve them and in turn, the user’s experience of our products.




Last updated 10-12-2015

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